The Paradox of Civilization: Pre-Institutional Sources of Security and Prosperity (with Ernesto Dal Bó and Sebastian Mazzuca). Under review.
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NBER working paper
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Political Identity and Trust (with Dylan Minor). Under review.
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HBS working paper

Do people who care about others cooperate more? experimental evidence from relative incentive pay (with Dylan Minor and Dana Sisak). Forthcoming Experimental Economics. 
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HBS working paper

Rents from Power for a Dissident Elite and Mass Mobilization (with Kemal K. Akoz). Under review.
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An Experimental Analysis of Risk-Shifting Behavior (with Paul Povel and Giorgo Sertsios). Review of Corporate Finance Studies, Volume 61, Issue 1: March 2017, pp. 68-101.
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The context determines who leads: cooperative initiative through pre-play communication in one-shot games. Under review.
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Leaders and Markets: National Leadership and Stock Market Performance (with Manuel Alvarez and Tomas Reyes). In preparation for submission.
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Predicting Startup Survival Using the Normalized Burn Rate (with Ron Berman). In preparation for submission.
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