• What do Leaders Do? undergraduate. NYU AD CORE. S. 2016, F. 2016, F. 2017, F. 2018
  • Corporate Finance, undergraduate. NYU AD Economics S. 20142015, F. 2016, S. 2019
    Financial statements, project valuation, capital structure (Modigliani & Miller)
  • Mathematics for Social Sciences II, undergraduate. NYU AD Economics S. 2014
    Multivariate calculus, linear algebra, multivariate optimization
  • Mathematics for Social Sciences I, undergraduate. NYU AD Economics F. 20132014
    Univariate calculus, univariate optimization
  • Ethics & Leadership, MBA (GSI, Prof. Dal Bó), UC Berkeley-Haas S. 2013
    Corporate culture, human resources, non-market strategy, global economy, sustainability
  • Strategy, MBA (GSI, Prof. De Figueiredo), UC Berkeley-Haas S. 2011
    Definition of Strategy, competitive advantage, innovation strategy, network effects
  • Principles of Economics, Undergraduate. Universidad de Los Andes 2007-2008
    Demand and supply curves, aggregate demand and supply, macroeconomic models
  • Macroeconomics (T. A., Profs. Repetto and Bergoeing), CEA U. de Chile 2005-2006
    Economic growth, unemployment, consumption, labor markets