What do Leaders Do? undergraduate. NYU AD CORE. S. 2016, F. 2016, F. 2017, F. 2018

Corporate Finance, undergraduate. NYU AD Economics S. 20142015, F. 2016, S. 2019
Financial statements, project valuation, capital structure (Modigliani & Miller)

Mathematics for Social Sciences II, undergraduate. NYU AD Economics S. 2014
Multivariate calculus, linear algebra, multivariate optimization

Mathematics for Social Sciences I, undergraduate. NYU AD Economics F. 20132014
Univariate calculus, univariate optimization

Ethics & Leadership, MBA (GSI, Prof. Dal Bó), UC Berkeley-Haas S. 2013
Corporate culture, human resources, non-market strategy, global economy, sustainability

Strategy, MBA (GSI, Prof. De Figueiredo), UC Berkeley-Haas S. 2011
Definition of Strategy, competitive advantage, innovation strategy, network effects

Principles of Economics, Undergraduate. Universidad de Los Andes 2007-2008
Demand and supply curves, aggregate demand and supply, macroeconomic models

Macroeconomics (T. A., Profs. Repetto and Bergoeing), CEA U. de Chile 2005-2006
Economic growth, unemployment, consumption, labor markets