I am Pablo Hernandez-Lagos, Assistant Professor of Economics at New York University in Abu Dhabi (NYU AD).

My research interests lie at the intersection of political and business economics. I am particularly interested in institutions and firm behavior in the global economy. Currently, I am exploring firm behavior under limited liability in developing economies, the political economy of sustained economic growth and peace, the effect of political polarization on trust, and the role played by the strategic and institutional environment on entrepreneurial survival and growth.

I hold a PhD from UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business (BPP group) and a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Chile. I also hold a MSc in Applied Economics from the Universidad de Chile-CEA and a MSc in Business Administration from UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business. Prior to my doctoral studies, I participated in the creation of Chile’s National Innovation Strategy.

I currently teach Corporate Finance and Mathematics for Social Scientists at NYU AD. I have also taught Principles of Economics at the Universidad de Los Andes, graduate and undergraduate courses in management and strategy, as well as executive training to entrepreneurs outside the academia. I also co-founded ChileSeminars at UC Berkeley (academic speakers share their research with professionals and entrepreneurs).